The start of a new year is always synonymous with exciting new personal and professional projects. One of those projects that we all commonly dream of carrying out is the reform of one of the spaces in our home. To start planning these changes it is essential first of all to know the trends in interior design and architecture that will mark this year to be as up-to-date as possible and to be the envy of your guests.

Discover indoor trends to keep your home up to date

You may be looking for inspiration for a small change in your home that will rekindle some of its spaces. Or you just want to stay up to date with upcoming trends in interior design.
From Glow Rehabilita we invite you to know through this article the materials, tones and different styles that will predominate during 2020 so that you master trends in interior design and architecture as a true professional.


Meet the Classic Blue, color of the year according to Pantone

Since 2000, the US company Pantone determines what the Color of the Year will be. In other words, it’s about the color that will mark trends not only in home interior design but also in catwalks or graphic and industrial design. In this sense, thePantone Color Institute,the body responsible for determining the Color of the Year, has pointed to the Classic Blue as the color it will mark this year. It is an intense blue tone of the most timeless and elegant that instills calm, confidence and connection. At first glance it is entirely recognizable because it is inspired by a sky at dusk and also not at all it is an aggressive color.


The color of the year according to Pantone


This shade of blue is classic and durable, but elegant in its simplicity. Imagine a sofa, a wall that you want to highlight or part of the lower furniture of your kitchen, as elements that you want to prevail over the rest in one of the spaces of your house.
Although if this deep blue doesn’t end up convincing you or simply doesn’t fit the interior design you have in mind for your home, you can’t miss the orange in its most powerful and uncailed, bright and vibrant version.

Dare to combine flooring and coatings

Gone are the days when the interior design of a surface was most homogeneous. The time has come to mix different finishes in pavements and cladding of one of your living spaces. Cement floors can be combined with hydraulic or ceramic tiles that mimic the heat of parquet.

Walls also have a lot to say, and we can give them that importance with an eye-catching mix of colors, textures, plinths and embossed moldings or wood paneling. In short, the composition of different colors or even materials as a method to highlight a wall will be a winning strategy for this year.



On the other hand, the wallpaper is not going to leave our lives so fast. This useful and colourful resource will remain in place for those who do not want to get rid of a solution that seems to never go out of style. In addition, beyond flooring and cladding, this year will also succeed the mixing of neutral colors with more striking ones in pieces of furniture.


Take advantage of lighting to give character to a space

Trends in interior design for this year indicate that lamps become even stronger as decorative elements. Its growing prominence will be essentially given in its forms, as those lamps with curved and winding lines that evoke a sense of movement, dynamism and vitality inspired by art deco will predominate.



Smart furniture (and cordless)

IKEA’s long-awaited latest catalogue shows that the Swedish firm is clearly committed to the evolution towards smart furniture. Part of its new collection of lamps, bed tables or desk tables already have intelligent functions adapted to the lifestyle that we have adapted and, in addition, many pieces of its furniture already allow the charging of your smartphone without the need for connecting cables.
It is an unstoppable indoor trend that will eventually turn our home step by step into an authentic smart home with the aim of making it easier for us to day to day and make us forget about small annoying habits that until now necessary such as using power outlets for countless electronic devices.



We know that a lot of ideas about trends in interior design and architecture for this 2020 can be a slight feeling of abrumation, especially if you already had a built idea that might differ from those trends.
From Glow Rehabilita we invite you to study calmly the rehabilitation project that you have in mind for your home or for one of its stays. We remind you that if you have doubts about how to carry out a reform in your home you can contact Glow Rehabilita and we will attend your ideas to try to create a rehabilitation project and move it to reality.