Realizamos Proyectos de Interiorismo y Arquitectura.

Realizamos Proyectos integrales de Locales comerciales y Proyectos de Ingenieria.

We will have an initial, briefing to discuss your needs and share impressions. We’ll spend as long as it takes to understand your ideas and tastes, to be sure about what it is you have in mind, so that the results of the project are totally personal and unique.

The next step is to visit your space to take measurements, photographs and notes that we will used to carry out the project.

During this phase, we draw up plans and create 3D images so that you can see your project will turn out. The project stage is also very useful to us for analysing and understanding all aspects of the space to find the most suitable solutions and to firm up all the details.

We will meet again to talk about the project and make any changes needed to ensure a perfect result.

Now we know exactly what it is you want, we can prepare a detailed, tailor-made quote, listing all the different jobs to be done. We will include the cost of the work broken down into units, references of the materials and totals for each heading. Having a detailed quote is essential to ensure there are no last-minute surprises.

We will discuss and agree everything with you and advise you about which finishes and design elements will best satisfy your needs and pocket.

Now your ideas and the budget are clear, it’s time to get down to the most complex phase of your renovation project.

We will monitor and manage the site, coordinating all the professionals working on your project and ensuring everything is just as you expected.

As experienced project and site managers, we are on top of the project, and ready sort out any incidents so that the job gets finished on time.

Once the project is finalised, we follow up and deal with any possible incidents that may arise.